I TOOK OFF MY BODY is Tiger Mimic’s third single

“A reflection on the world’s tendency to make judgments based on what they see, all the while neglecting to see the real person inside, Jess’s sultry vocals drift upon mesmerising intertwining guitar and bass parts and toe-tapping drums before kicking into its anthemic chorus and grooving riffs.” – She Makes Music

”Current Obsession: The spooky, sultry new single from London-based indie-rock outfit Tiger Mimic. Equal parts slinking and edgy, it’s unlike anything we’ve heard before and worth a thoughtful listen” – The Music Mermaid (Twitter)

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ELEPHANT SKELETON is the second track released from Tiger Mimic’s EP

“The song that accompanies the video (or should it be the video accompanies the song?)  has a cadence to it that is almost hypnotizing, along with carefully orchestrated harmonies, giving it a dark ominous feeling.”
– The Girls At The Rock Show

“Smooth verses spotlighted by neat bass chords eventually push into sweet choruses. The dual harmonies click together well, the guitars are great and the drumming provides a catchy beat.” – Small Music Scene

“Elephant Skeleton
is a packed, brilliant and original song from a band that are fully-formed and fantastic. If this is what their material sounds like so early; it is scary how good they can be in a few years from now.” – Music Musings & Such

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DON’T COVER UP MY EYES is the first track released from Tiger Mimic’s Elephant Skeleton EP

“Our standout is the premiere single, Don’t Cover Up My Eyes. The track immediately begins with a bass groove that is so seedy and undeniable. As the song continues with Rhodes’ vocals and the jagged guitars, we’re completely enamored.” – The Girls At The Rock Show