“Tiger Mimic are one of the bands helping to shape 2019. A historic year on so many levels, simultaneously futuristic in it’s under radar creative and performance movements. We dig their quirky, glam and dark faceted rocking party sounds.” – The Zine UK

“They may only be at the beginning of their career but there’s no doubt that Tiger Mimic will go far within the London indie scene, and we can only hope beyond.” – Happy People Music

“There are not many bands who leave the same impression as Tiger Mimic. […] If they continue to produce music like Elephant Skeleton, then they will be a big proposition for the future.” – Music Musings & Such

”When first listening to the EP 'Elephant Skeleton,'  two words immediately came to my mind - catchy and fun. Starting with a debut EP like this, with five equally great songs, Tiger Mimic is bound to make some waves in the indie rock scene.” - For Hits & Gigs

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